pronounced (LAN-yap)

The word entered English from Louisiana French, in turn derived from the American Spanish phrase la ñapa (‘something that is added’ ). The term has been traced back to the Quechua word yapay (‘to increase; to add’). In Andean markets it is still customary to ask for a yapa when making a purchase. The seller usually responds by throwing in a little something extra.

Just like the term implies, we enjoy throwing in the little extras to make your stay at La Paz Bed and Breakfast memorable, relaxing and enjoyable. A perfect example is our first-night offering to guests: a bottle of wine and a tray with hummus and crackers, fresh-baked cookies and fresh fruit that our guests can enjoy in their room or out on the beautiful grounds their first evening here.

Likewise, we are happy to offer a variety of concierge suggestions and services, evening gatherings, and true East Texas hospitality. Our goal is to provide a peaceful lodging experience, and hope we can welcome you again in the future.